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Indian Escape

Indian Escape is a 2D platformer game made by the guys at Digikidz Indonesia....

(Played: 0)

Captain J. Doe Saves the Universe

Classic style side scrolling space shooter, stable Alpha.

Can yo...

(Played: 0)

Top-Down ARPG

A little rpg game I will be periodically updating.

(Played: 1)

Platform Survivor V.1.0.0 Beta

Sobrevivência na platarfoma
Um Jogo Simplês!
Nessa Versão Não Est...

(Played: 2)

Platform Survivor V.1.0.2 Beta

Sobrevivência na platarfoma
Jogo Simplês
Extras V.1.0.0 Disponive...

(Played: 3)


Fantasy Hairstyle Show

Many famous hair stylists will attend the Fantasy Hairstyle Show in NewYork t...

(Played: 0)

Block Platformer - Scary

Its Fantastic!
Please don't play if you get scared easily

(Played: 0)

Développez votre pays!

Une B.D. interactive

(Played: 0)

Creamy Dreamy Cupcakes

Are you ready to put together the yum, yum, eye-tempting cupcake of your dreams?

(Played: 1)

Pumpkin At Dentist

It is again the season of the famous October holiday of Halloween. Mister Pum...

(Played: 1)


Night Club Date

This is a snake game of night club date version. You have only one goal that...

(Played: 0)

Peacock Jigsaw

Put together thee great pictures of Peacocks.

(Played: 0)

Game Kid 1

Game for kids

(Played: 1)

Penguin Jigsaw

Use the mouse to put together three great pictures of penguins in different e...

(Played: 1)

Math Balloons Addition Subtraction

This is a match 3 game with a mathematical twist. Your goal is to complete ...

(Played: 1)


Airport Parking 3D

What's better than a parking game? Airport Parking obviously. If you're sick ...

(Played: 10)

Racing City 2

It’s back! Racing City is better than ever with new tracks and even better ga...

(Played: 10)

License Quest

Drive through the course and try not to crash from looking at your driving in...

(Played: 9)

Stake Out

Follow the bad guys.

(Played: 10)

Bombay Taxi 2

"This is a challenge that even the most fearless drivers are wary of taking u...

(Played: 8)


Tank Storm 3

Control a tank through the enemy territory.

(Played: 0)

Pac-Man Revenge BETA

Before Pac-Man was killed by his enemy , now Pac-Man should kill his enemy , ...

(Played: 0)

Note Value Wars

Learn Note Values for string instruments

(Played: 0)

Bubble Shooter Halloween Special

On the occasion of Halloween, a complete '2 in 1' pack of bubble shooter game

(Played: 2)

Football A New Challenge

A Fantastic goal mapping flash game for all football fans.

(Played: 10)


Flappy Ball

Flappy Ball is an HTML5 action game. The game is freely inspired to the popul...

(Played: 4)

Brazil Cup 2014

Start the road to world cup 2014 with Brazil Cup 2014, one of the best soccer...

(Played: 7)

Go! Football

Use mouse to kick a ball as many times as you can and win a gold cup!

(Played: 4)

Ball Practice

This is your chance to prove your football skills. Kick the ball and try to k...

(Played: 4)

Soccer kicker

Become a pro at kicking and keeping the ball in the air!

(Played: 4)